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The ABC’s of Promotional Products

(Yup, we carry waaaaaay more than what’s listed here!)

A – Apparel, Arm Bands & Agendas

B – Bumper Stickers, Backpacks, Briefcases, Beanies & Balloons

C – Chocolate, Calendars, Coolers, Calculators & Carabineers

D – Duffels & Dress Shirts

E – Eco-Friendly & Electronics

F – Fanny packs (remember those!?), Frames, Flyers, and Flashlights

G – Gift Baskets, Gift Sets & Glassware

H – Hoodies, Hats & Highlighters

I – Inflatables, Insulated Bags & Ice Scrapers

J – Jackets, Jewelry & Journals

K – Kites, Key Chains, and Knives

L – Lanyards, Lunch Bags, Labels & Laptop Bags

M – Medals, Mouse Pads, Mugs & Magnets

N – Notebooks, Notepads, Novelty Items & Napkins

O – Openers & Organizers

P – Plaques, Pins, Paperweights, Playing Cards, Puzzles & Pencils

Q – Quick-dry Towels

R – Rings & Radios

S – Stickers, Sauces, Spirit Gear & Stress Relievers

T – Tee Shirts, Trophies, Temporary Tattoos, Toiletries & Tools

U – USBs & Umbrellas

V – Vests, Vases & Visors

W – Wallets, Whistles & Watches

X – Xylophones

Y – Yo-Yos & Yardsticks

Z – Zebra Pens & Zipper Pulls


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