What content we would like to keep so far.  Also I attached to SP logo Tammy likes. Please see what you can do.

Products – PPPC search engine (maybe this should be on the home page?)

We need to change the line above.

New Tab for these – Our Products

New Product Ideas- change to Zoom Catalogues – also move to home page

BLOG good

Artwork — move somewhere else?


Need an idea — add order form
Why Promotional Products Work — add order form, Convert to a post
New product ideas — Keep or discard?

Success With Us

Move Contact Us to About Us — Do not recommend, as it needs to stand out

Artwork Information — add more text from image. Convert to a post

Medallion Program — add more text from image. Add order form

Add ‘Our clients’ (http://www.serkinpromotions.com/about-us.html)

Add social to very top menu

Integrate mailchimp

Add more testimonials

Get Roy Chubb’s permission to use his photo in the testimonial

Change subscribe homepage section background

Collectible Christmas Ornaments

  • convert into HTML text page from image
  • make order form

Embed PDF





2602c = rgb(139; 27; 156) = #8B1B9C

2622c = rgb(103; 49; 101) = #673165

Add Pantone colours under artwork




Before PROD:

  • Update MailChimp account
  • Update twitter username
  • Update facebook account
  • Update g+ account
  • Update email addresses for forms:
    • Contact
    • Need an idea



Graduate Expectations

TCDSB Virtue Medals

Collectible Christmas Ornaments

About Us – info is good (we DON’T like “Get the Skinny on Us”)

Need an idea is good.